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02-20-2006, 13:27
Copley Plaza Hotel fire March 19 1979.


I just put a 800KB file at the URL above of the Copley Plaza Hotel fire - five alarms - this snippet has the first 9 minutes of the radio traffic (and the first telephone call reporting the fire).

Ch 1 was 33.74 - Ch 2 was 153.89 - Ch 4 was 154.265.

Many thanks to the person who made the tape available for posterity.

Peter Sz

02-20-2006, 22:44
Peter, what kind of format is .ogg? I'm not familiar with that.

Lynskey 85
02-20-2006, 22:52
I am not either, but it plays in winamp.

02-20-2006, 22:55
For more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ogg

02-20-2006, 23:43
It is freeware. Here are some info sources.

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02-23-2006, 15:16
Very well. Thanks, guys...

02-23-2006, 18:38
Anyone know of a way I can hear these files on a Mac?

Lynskey 85
02-23-2006, 23:48
Can you use winamp on a Mac? I know it plays through winamp.

Joe SNE Moderator
02-24-2006, 00:52
Odd, I can't get it to play with my Winamp v 5.2.

02-24-2006, 06:52
Can you use winamp on a Mac? I know it plays through winamp.
WinAmp for Mac (http://www.mac.org/audio-video/macamp/)

02-24-2006, 15:36
Tanks...I installed the Winamp for Mac and I downloaded the file.

It shows on the winamp playlist but I cannot get it to play. Volume on the Winamp is up as is the volume on my speakers.

I press the play button but nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? Any ideas?


02-24-2006, 16:34
I can't get it to play either it behaves the same way, opens but can't get it to go.
Using Winamp v.5.13.

Lynskey 85
02-24-2006, 17:08
I have 5.13 and it defaulted to open in winamp, was able to listen to the whole thing without a problem. I don't believe I have any special extensions installed.