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This receiver is now controlled with PCR Remote software, which offers complete and immediate control of it. If you wish to continue to use the receiver please download a copy of this software free of charge from the link. Ensure that you download the REMOTE software, NOT THE SERVER. Then, go to Skype's website and download and set up the latest Skype Client. Once you have both up and running, follow these instructions:

First, read this page in its entirety!

For audio, run Skype and connect to "SNE Remote". It should be automatically answered and you should see the call connect counter increment in seconds.

To control the receiver, run PCR Remote software and enter into the server box. Leave 16501 for the port number, and then click the power button to connect. Then, follow the guidlines as outlined in this page.

Any problems or "fights" with other users should be reported to me via e-mail or PM here. If there are a lot of problems in this regard I will go back to the password protected access. Please do not hog the receiver, share it and enjoy.

As a reminder, this is NOT a SSB capable receiver. Shortwave performance will be marginal at best. This receiver is best used from 30 MHz and up. It is connected to an Antennacraft Scantenna via a 4 port multicoupler, the same antenna that is used to receive my scanner feeds.

This will be a work in progress. Memories have been added in several banks that are accessible by clicking the tabs on the lower left of the receiver's virtual display as shown in the .jpg above.

Tips on Operation

  • To tune, you may double click on the displayed frequency and then type your frequency of choice directly on your keypad and hit your enter key, or you may click the keypad with your mouse and then click the E key. SUGGESTION: DO THIS ON A CHANNEL THAT DOES NOT HAVE TSQ DISPLAYED ON THE SCREEN, OR YOU MAY SEE A SIGNAL BUT NOT HEAR IT!
  • Mode and IF filter settings are relatively self-explanatory. Click the settings of your choice. For public safety, maritime, etc., use FM mode with a 15 KHz filter. For aviation, use AM mode with a 6 KHz filter. For FM Broadcast use WFM mode with a 230 KHz filter.
  • If you wish to use the VFO to tune up or down, make sure the FREQ button is pressed on your PCR Remote Client, and make sure the display does not say TSQ.
  • Also, if you're going to use the VFO, make sure that the proper STEP is set by toggling the left or right arrow to decrease or increase it.
  • Ensure that you have set the proper mode.
  • FM comms should be either 6 or 15 KHz. If you are tuning VHF-HI splinter frequencies set it to 6. Otherwise the 15 KHz filter should work for most public safety monitoring. The 6 KHz filter will not work properly on UHF or higher, use the 15 KHz filter, especially at 800 MHz.
  • AM and Shortwave Broadcast stations should use a filter setting of 6 KHz.
  • FM broadcast stations or TV audio should use a setting of either 50 or 230 KHz.
  • If you experience any problems or failures with the system, please notify the webmaster.

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