Chittenden County VT Police Departments

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Countywide Information

Community Frequency Type Tone Notes Confirmation/Re-Confirmations
Sheriff 460.4500 R D114 Countywide Sheriff's Office
Statewide 460.5000 R Varies Statewide "secondary" channel
State Police 460.2250 R 203.5 VSP Patrols

Department Frequency Information

Department/Usage Alpha Tag Frequency Type Tone Network/Notes Confirmation
Bolton Bolton PD VSP Williston - Bristol
Burlington Burlington PD 460.1250 R D306 Chittenden 2012.04.14
Burlington Burlington P25 460.1250 R N658 Chittenden/P25 Encrypted (Primary Ops) 2013.11.10 W1KNE
Burlington Burlington T/A 460.2875 R D125 Chittenden 2012.04.13
Burlington Burlington F4 460.1375 S Chittenden 2012.03.12
Charlotte Charlotte PD 460.2500 R Chittenden
Colchester Colchester PD 453.7500 R D244 Chittenden 2014.08.02 CMPSA
Colchester Colchester PD P25 453.7500 R N264 Chittenden 2015.03.25 ecps92
Essex Essex PD P25 460.1000 R N878 Chittenden 2014.11.05
Essex Essex PD 460.1000 R D411 Chittenden 2014.08.02 ecps92
Essex Essex PD 453.4875 R D411 EMS Coordination
Hinesburg Hinesburg PD 453.1500 R 118.8 Disp by Shelburne 2013.12.31 VTScanner
Hinesburg Hinesburg PD VHF 157.3750 S 127.3 VHF Link for FD to talk to PD 2013.12.31 VTScanner
Huntington Huntington PD VSP Williston -
Jericho Jericho PD VSP Williston -
Jericho Jerico PD 155.5050 No PL Shared with Fire Dept (F-5)
Milton Milton PD 460.4000 R N893 Chittenden 2014.08.02 JimmyLaw
Milton Milton PD 460.4000 R D346 Chittenden 2014.08.02 cmpsa
Richmond Richmond PD VSP Williston -
Shelburne Shelburne PD 453.1500 R 118.8 Chittenden 2015.03.25 W1KNE
Shelburne Shelburne PD IO 157.3750 S 127.3 Cross Patch/Interop for FD 2014.06.13
South Burlington SBurlington PD 460.1750 R D654 Chittenden 2014.08.02 cmpsa
South Burlington SBurl PD P25 460.1750 R N846 P25 Encrypted 2013.07.23 W1KNE
South Burlington City SBurlington PD 460.0500 R 118.8 Chittenden 2012.04.14
St. George St. George PD VSP Williston -
Westford Westford PD VSP Williston -
Williston Williston PD 453.8500 R 118.8 Dual Mode 2015.03.25 W1KNE
Williston Williston PD P25 453.8500 R N764 Dual Mode - P25 Encrypted 2014.08.02 cmpsa
Winooski Winooski PD P25 460.2000 R N065 Fully Encrypted 2017.01.10 W1KNE