Connecticut EMT Levels

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Note: EMS Protocol varies from EMS Region to Region in CT

EMT-Basic ("EMT-B")

EMT-Basic ("EMT-B"):Skills include: Skills include: Airway management with oral/nasal airways, pocket masks, B-V-M units, oxygen powered resuscitators, oral suctioning, CPR and S/AED, bleeding control, splinting, supplemental oxygen, assessment, childbirth, spinal immobilization, use of Epi-Pen and Aspirin, oral glucose, activated charcoal, and assisted medications. Albuterol Administration via patient's inhaler.

EMT-Intermediate ("EMT-I")

EMT-Intermediate ("EMT-I"):All EMT-B skills plus: IV fluid replacement (restricted to Normal Saline and Lactated Ringers) and advanced airway management,can check glucose levels using a glucometer.

EMT-Paramedic ("EMT-P,Medic")

EMT-Paramedic (EMT-P): All EMT-B skills plus: IV therapy, cardiac monitoring and interpretation, defibrillation, administration of drugs, advanced airway management and other skills common to Paramedics via National Standards.

Medical Response Technician (MRT) AKA First Responder

First Responder: Trained in Basic First aid and use of oxygen, CPR/AED, child birth. Ambulances can be staffed with one MRT and one EMT if 2 EMTs are unavailable.


Various Regional CT EMS Protocols