Grafton County EMS

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Department Frequency Type Tone ID Notes Confirmation/ReConfirmations
Bristol EMS 159.9000 S 210.7 4 Disp by LRMFA
Canaan FAST squad 155.2200 S ? ? Covers Canaan and other neighboring towns.
Dorchester DB: UVRDC
Lin-wood Ambulance 155.2350 S 136.5 12 Covers Lincoln and Woodstock, Dispatched by Lincoln PD 2012.09.21 jmarcell66
Orange DB: UVRDC
Warren-Wentworth EMS 159.9000 S 210.7 24 Disp by LRMFA. Located at Warren FD
EMS Med 1 155.3400 S Varies Ambulance to Hospital
EMS Med 2 155.3850 S Varies Ambulance to Hospital
EMS Med 3 155.2800 S Varies Hospital to Hospital
EMS Med 4 155.1750 S None Mutual Aid/MCI
EMS Med 5 155.4000 S Varies Ambulance to Hospital