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Adding information to the Wiki Quicklists is VERY simple if you follow the below instructions

  • Be sure information entered has been confirmed by you, not from a publication
  • Please add the letter R at the end of the frequency if you've confirmed that a repeater is in use
  • If typing manually, the character that separates the fields is the "pipe" symbol ( | ) . On most keyboards this key is directly above your ENTER key and is typed when the shift key is held down

The following "syntax" is used to enter/edit a line in the database. This syntax must be EXACTLY adhered to.

|City/Town||Frequency||Type||Tone Information||Other Information

So, as an example, a valid entry will look like this:

|Boston||460.3000||R||PL 118.8||BAPERN

You may encounter the following syntax. This means no information has yet been entered:


Just remember that the lines begin with one "pipe" symbol ( | ) and each piece of information is separated by two "pipe" symbols ( || )

Click the SAVE PAGE button when you're finished