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Massachusetts DCR Bureau of Forest Fire Control

Since 1911, the DCR Massachusetts Forest Fire Control has been providing aid, assistance and advice to the Commonwealth's cities and towns in the prevention, detection and suppression of forest fires. This web site details these and other services that the Bureau provides as it works towards the protection of 3.5 million acres of state, public and private wooded lands, and over 100,000 acres of municipal drinking water reservoirs that lie within Massachusetts.

The Bureau is an active participant with all municipal fire departments in this endeavor. It also enjoys close cooperation with county and local forest warden committees, town and city foresters, state and local law enforcement agencies, and the Commonwealth's county and statewide civil defense and mutual assistance organizations.

Over time, these combined efforts have contributed to a safer Massachusetts. In 1911, over 34 acres were burned on average during each occurrence of forest fire. Since then that figure has been reduced to 1.17 acres (based on Bureau records). This generous reduction has occurred while the state has tripled the area of its wooded lands, more people have built homes within forested environments, and recreational opportunities in the Commonwealth's many forests and parks have exploded.

On June 30, 2012, MEMA assumed the responsibility for some of the Department of Conservation & Recreation communications/ dispatch functions. State Control at MEMA will now serve as primary dispatch for the DCR Bureau of Fire Control and State Parks in the West, Central, North, and South Regions. This transfer of responsibility for dispatch comes after several years of planning between DCR and MEMA. This change will result in cost savings but most importantly it will bring 24-hour dispatching capability, 365 days per year for DCR. It also features advanced technology and a more efficient communications system which will provide enhanced interoperability and a more reliable radio network tool for DCR field staff.

Excerpt from [1]

VHF Radio System

Channel Use Freq/Talkgroup Type Tone Confirmation/Reconfirmations
Ch.01 Administration 151.2050 S 71.9 2016.09.02 ecps92
Ch.02 Plymouth Repeater 151.1450 R 71.9 2017.01.28 ecps92
Ch.03 Sharon Repeater 151.1450 R 71.9 2016.09.03 ecps92
Ch.04 Andover Repeater 151.1450 R 71.9
Ch.05 Princeton Repeater 151.1450 R 71.9
Ch.06 Pelham Repeater 151.1450 R 71.9
Ch.07 Adams Repeater 151.1450 R 71.9
Ch.08 Monterey Repeater 151.1450 R 71.9
Ch.xx Brewster Repeater 151.1450 R 71.9
Ch.xx Mendon Repeater 151.1450 R 71.9
Ch.11 Varies by Tower/User - Local Fire Net or NWS RX
Ch.12 Fire Ground 151.1450 S No PL
Ch.13 Fire Towers - Dist's 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 14 151.2350 S 71.9 2015.04.16 N1BHH
Ch.14 Fire Towers - Dist's 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 151.3100 S 71.9 2017.04.09 JoeKay1
Ch.15 Recreation 151.3700 S 71.9
Ch.16 Northeast Fire Compact 159.2850 S No PL

MSP 800 Radio System

Channel Use Freq/Talkgroup Type Tone Confirmation/ReConfirmations
MSP 800 DCR Fire Towers-WEST TG 11280 T
MSP 800 DCR Fire Towers-EAST TG 36944 T
MSP 800 DCR Fire Towers-SOUTH TG 36976 T
MSP 800 DCR Fire Towers-CENTRAL TG 36912 T
MSP 800 DCR Fire Towers-ADMIN TG 40176 T
MSP 800 DCR Fire 1 Central/West TG 11056 T
MSP 800 DCR Fire 2 Central/East TG 11088 T 2017.04.10 JoeKay1
MSP 800 DCR Field OPS TG 10736 T 2014.04.01 N1BHH

District Coverage

District County/Area Towers
1 Barnstable Barnstable, Bourne, Brewster, Dennis, Falmouth, Sandwich, Tisbury, Wellfleet
2 Plymouth Carver, Hanson, Kingston, Middleboro, Norwell, Plymouth
3 Bristol Acushnet, Fall River, North Attleboro, Rehoboth
4 Norfolk Dover, Sharon
5 Essex Andover, Georgetown, Manchester
6 Middlesex-North Chelmsford, Groton
7 Worcester-South Charlton, Mendon, Oxford, West Brookfield
8 Worcester-North Harvard, Phillipston, Princeton
9 Franklin Shelburne,Sunderland, Warwick
10 Hampshire Goshen, Pelham
11 Hampden Agawam, Ludlow
12 Berkshire Montery, Savoy
13 Metro Boston Area - Covered by Dist 14
14 Middlesex-South Sudbury
15 See Dist 5