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Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH): State Hospitals and Community Mental Health Centers

  • The DMH have their own police department, which handles all DMH Facilities with the exception of the following
  • Kindred Hospital Springfield (Former Springfield Municipal Hospital, which still does long term care), which rents a 40 Bed unit out to the DMH as a replacement for Northampton State Hospital.
  • DMH Facilities housed at DPH Facilities utilize the DPH Police. Bridgewater State Hospital utilizes the Department of Correction for security.
  • This project of finding the frequencies started from work related meetings at some of these facilities. Most frequencies are simplex.
Facility Frequency Type Tone Other Info Confirmation/Re-Confirmation
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital DPH Police (Boston) 453.1500 R 151.4 DMH wards and DOC Prison Ward, Massachusetts Mental Health Center; Lemuel Shattuck started the gathering of vital statistics in Boston. 2013.09.07 ecps92
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital 464.9625 R TRBO Facility Operations 2011.12.11 N1BHH
Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) DMH Police 453.6875 R 136.5 DMH Police
Dr Solomon Carter Fuller was the first known black psychiatrist
2013.09.21 ecps92
Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) 463.7250 R ? Maint/Admin
Dr. Erich Lindemann Community (CMHC)/DMH Headquarters (AKA Lindemann Center) DMH Police 453.1625 R D423 Dr. Erich Lindemann was a big influence on social psychiatry and the creation of community mental health centers, no inpatient beds here, all were moved to Fuller. 2012.04.28
Tewksbury Hospital DPH Police 453.1500 R 123.0
Taunton State Hospital DMH Police 158.7750 R D115 2016.11.04 W1KNE
Taunton State Hospital DMH Police 453.8000 R 162.2
Westboro State Hospital DMH Police (Closed) 154.0250 S 146.2
Worcester State Hospital DMH Police 155.4000 S 79.7
Bridgewater State Hospital DOC TRS Forensic Only
Quincy CMHC DMH Police 158.7750 S ?
Pocasset CMHC (Bourne) DMH Police 158.7750 S ?
Dr. John C. Corrigan CMHC (Fall River) DMH Police 158.7750 S ?
Brockton Multi-Services Center DMH Police 158.7750 S ?
Dr. Harry C. Solomon CMHC (Lowell) DMH Police 453.8375 151.4 Dr. Harry C. Solomon: "Inspired a new generation of respect for the mentally ill"-Plaque in the lobby of the Lowell CMHC.
Boston State Hospital Closed 1979
Danvers State Hospital Closed 1992 Now Apartments
Foxboro State Hospital Closed 1978 Now Foxboro Public Safety Complex and other uses
Gardner State Hospital Closed 1975 Now DOC North Central Correctional Institution
Grafton State Hospital Closed 1973 Now Tufts Veterinary School/Job Corps.
Medfield State Hospital Closed 2003
Metropolitan State Hospital (Waltham) Closed 1992
Northampton State Hospital Closed 1993 2010 Major Redevelopment
Westboro State Hospital Closed 2010 ?

Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) Hospitals

  • No DPH Hospitals have emergency rooms. DPH hospitals provide specialized long term care. Lemuel Shattuck Hospital is a full service DPH hospital and has a operating room.
Facility Frequency Type Tone Other Info Confirmation/Re-Confirmation
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital (Boston) DPH Police 453.1500 R 151.4 2013.05.19 ecps92
Tewksbury Hospital DPH Police 453.1500 R 123.0
Western Mass Hospital (Westfield) DPH Police 154.5700  ? ?
Rutland Heights State Hospital Closed 1991
Cushing State Hospital (Framingham) Closed 1991 Redeveloped into housing, chapel still stands
Lakeville State Hospital Closed 1991
Pondville State Hospital (Norfolk) Closed 1981 Was a State Run Cancer Hospital,Then became Southwood Hospital in 1982
(Complete with ER, a campus of Norwood Hospital) which closed in 2003

Massachusetts Department of Mental Retardation (DMR) Regional/Developmental Centers

  • These facilities are mostly long term care specialized group homes reserved for only the most severely developmentally disabled and who have special situations that would prevent them from living in community group homes. DMR has its own police force for its larger facilities.
Facility Frequency Type Tone Other Info Confirmation/Re-Confirmation
Dr. Walter E. Fernald Developmental Center (Waltham) DMR Police 154.8450 127.3 Dr. Walter E. Fernald was the first Superintendent (Closing)
Dr. Walter E. Fernald Developmental Center (Waltham) Ops/Maint 154.0850 S 127.3 Voice Paging 2011.02.28
Dr. Walter E. Fernald Developmental Center (Waltham) Alarms 151.6850 151.4 2011.09.14
Hogan Regional Center (Danvers) ? ? DMR Police force was disbanded at this facility, might reappear with other facilities closing
Galvin Regional Center (Shrewsbury) ? ? (Closing)
Monson Developmental Center DMR Police 155.3250 S 103.5 AKA Monson State Hospital (Closing)
Templeton Developmental Center DMR Police ? ? (Closing)
Wrentham Developmental Center DMR Police 158.9550 S ?
Belchertown Developmental Center Closed 1992
JT Berry Developmental Center (North Reading) Closed 1996
Paul A Dever Developmental Center (Taunton) Closed 2002 Property being razed for expansion of Myles Standish Ind. Park

Massachusetts Soldier's Homes

  • Soldier's Homes located Holyoke and Chelsea provide long-term care, acute care, day surgery at Chelsea's Soldier's Home and numerous other programs to MA veterans.
Facility Frequency Tone Other Info
Holyoke Soldier's Home Police 453.1125 R or 168.525? 146.2
Chelsea Soldier's Home/Quigley Memorial Hospital Police ? ?

Massachusetts Private inpatient psychiatric hospitals

  • Stand a lone Psych hospitals usually use Simplex HTs in the business band and are usually unlicensed
  • If the hospital is not attached to a general hospital it will be referred to as a "stand alone"
  • Very little formal radio traffic in most of these stand alone hospitals with the exception of radio checks and psychiatric emergencies. Listening to them is not like listening to campus police departments. Most of the radio traffic is by the person's name . Most of the time you will here "Code ____" and thats the end of the radio traffic for that incident.
  • A lot of General hospitals are points of entry for emergency psychiatric care (E.G. Section 12s, etc.)