Newport County Fire Departments

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Countywide Information


  • Towns in Newport County RI are covered by RISCON-South
  • All EMS in RI Provided by Municipalities
INTERCITY CHANNEL Frequency Tone NOTES Confirmation/Reconfirmations
NEWPORT COUNTY 46.0600 110.9 Countywide, Rarely used

Department Alpha Tag Frequency Type Tone/Talkgroup Notes Confirmation/Reconfirmations
Jamestown JAMESTOWN FD 153.9500 S 110.9 Operations 2016.05.05 ecps92
Jamestown JAMESTOWN TK Trunked T 1108 Patch? fro VHF - Trunked on RISCON 2017.12.22 Alexandb
Little Compton LITTLE COMP FD 453.3625 R D351 Operations (Tied with RISCON trunk) 2016.04.09 ecps92 and friends
Little Compton LITTLE COMP TK Trunked T 1266 Trunked on RISCON 2016.04.09 ecps92 and friends
Middletown MIDDLETOWN FD 151.0550 R D315 Operations 2017.02.04 ecps92
Newport NEWPORT FD 154.1675 R D532 Operations
Newport NEWPORT 800 Trunked T 1303 Trunked on RISCON
Newport NEWPORT FG 154.2200 S 67.0 Fireground
Newport NEWPORT 800 FG Trunked T 1305 Trunked on RISCON
Newport NEWPORT FD PT 154.4000 S 67.0 Portables
Portsmouth PORTSMOUTH FD 154.3250 R D032 Operations (Including Prudence Island Operations) 2017.02.04 ecps92
Portsmouth Prudence Isl FD 154.4150 R D047 Local Operations 2012.09.06 XHE1N
Tiverton TIVERTON FD 471.7875 R D223 Operations 2017.02.04 ecps92