Penobscot County Sheriff Department

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Penobscot County Sheriff

The Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office is located in Bangor, Maine, at the county complex, which is the home of the County Commissioners Office. The agency consists of the divisions of corrections, patrol, court security, civil, and detective. There are 103 full-time employees at the sheriff’s office with two-thirds belonging to the Corrections Division. Approximately 150 full-time, part-time, and reserve officers are associated with the department.

Both the Patrol and the Corrections Divisions are supervised by a sergeant, and citizens who need to speak to a supervisor at anytime may ask to speak to the on-duty supervisor by calling the below numbers. The agency has an OD, which is the officer of the day, and the OD is of the rank of lieutenant or above. That individual is always available through Regional Dispatch when the need is determined.

Each Repeater site appears to have it's own PL Tone
Almanac Mtn - Lakeville Plantation
Black Cap - East Eddington
Bull Hill - Charleston
Fish Hill - Lincoln
Picard Mtn - Dixmont
Shin Pond RD - Patten

Channel Alpha Tag Frequency Type Tone Use/Notes Confirmed/Re-Confirmed
Ch.01 Sheriff Ops (COM 1) 155.4900 R 100.0 Sheriffs Dept Ops - Black Cap Rptr 2007.08
Sheriff Ops (COM 1) 155.4900 R 107.2 Sheriff Dept Ops - Bull Hill Rptr
Sheriff Ops (COM 1) 155.4900 R 114.8 Sheriff Dept Ops - Fish Hill Rptr
Sheriff Ops (COM 1) 155.4900 R 192.8 Sheriff Dept Ops -
Sheriff Tac 1 155.4900 S 114.8 Tac 1
Ch.04 Sheriff Tac 4 154.8750 100.0 Tac-4 2007.08
Link to/from ? 460.0250 S Link of ?
Link to/from ? 460.4750 S Link of ?
Link to/from ? 460.5250 S Link of ?
Link to/from ? 465.0250 S Link of ?
Link to/from ? 465.4750 S Link of ?
Link to/from ? 465.5250 S Link of ?