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A lot of Worcester County Towns use neighboring towns for Paramedics (eg Webster EMS providing medics for Dudley)

Department Frequency Type Tone Use/Notes Feeds Available Confirmation/ReConfirmations
Ashburnham 470.4500 R 118.8 Provided by Ashburnham Fire (Paramedic Level) 2016.09.21 ecps92
Athol Provided by Athol Fire (Paramedic Level)
Auburn 154.3850 R 82.5 Handled by Auburn Fire (Paramedic Level)
Barre Handled by Barre Rescue Squad (Basic Level as of late 2006)
Berlin Handled by Berlin Rescue Squad (Basic Level)
ALS: Patriot Ambulance (Hudson)
Blackstone 159.3300 R D565 Handled by Blackstone Fire (Paramedic Level)
Bolton 453.1250 R D054 Handled by Bolton Volunteer Ambulance Squad (Basic Level)
ALS: Patriot Ambulance (Hudson)
Boylston 33.0600 Handled by Boylston Fire (Basic Level/WB Fire for medics?)
Brookfield Handled by Brookfield EMS (Paramedic Level)
Charlton 33.5800 131.8 Handled by Charlton Fire (Paramedic Level) TeamSpeak
Clinton 154.3100 R 82.5 Handled by Clinton Fire (Basic Level)
Devens Fire 453.0250 R 118.8 Handled by Devens Fire (Basic Level)
Douglas 33.9600 131.8 Handled by Douglas Fire (Intermediate Level/Oxford EMS/Webster EMS) TeamSpeak
Dudley 154.3400 R 127.3 Handled by Dudley Fire (Intermediate Level,Oxford EMS/Webster EMS for medics) TeamSpeak
East Brookfield 33.8600 131.8 Handled by East Brookfield Fire (Paramedic Level)
Fitchburg 470.5500 R D226 Fitchburg Fire/Fitchburg EMS (A Division Of MEDSTAR) (Paramedic Level) Encryption Capable
Gardner 453.1250 R D114 Med Star (Paramedic Level) TeamSpeak
Grafton 45.1000 167.9 Alert Ambulance (Paramedic Level)
Dispatched by PD
Hardwick 39.1000 85.4 Handled by Hardwick Rescue Squad (Basic Level)
Harvard 159.0900 R 107.2 Handled by Harvard EMS (Basic Level) and dispatched by Nashoba Valley Regional Emergency Communications Center
Holden 159.7350 D311 AMR (Paramedic Level)
Hopedale 46.2200 123.0 Handled by Hopedale Fire (Basic Level)
Hubbardston 33.8200 110.9 Handled by Hubbardston Fire (Paramedic Level) TeamSpeak
Lancaster Handled by Lancaster Ambulance Service (Basic Level)
Leicester 158.7750 R 103.5 Handled by Leicester EMS (Paramedic Level)
Leominster Handled by Leominster Fire (Basic Level)
Lunenburg 155.7600 100.0 Handled by Lunenburg Fire (Intermediate Level)
Townsend Fire-EMS(North of Mass Ave) MedStar (South of Mass Ave)
Mendon 33.9400 131.8 Handled by Mendon Fire (Paramedic Level)
Milford Handled by Community EMS (Paramedic Level)
Millbury 482.7875 R 114.8 Alert (Paramedic Level)
Dispatched by PD
Millville Handled by Millville Fire (Basic Level)
New Braintree Handled by North Brookfield EMS (Paramedic Level)
North Brookfield 45.5200 91.5 Handled by North Brookfield EMS (Paramedic Level)
Northborough Handled by Northborough Fire (Paramedic Level)
Northbridge 33.6800 127.3 Handled by Northbridge Fire (Paramedic Level)
Oakham Handled by Oakham Fire (Basic Level)
Oxford 154.0325 R 94.8 Handled by Oxford Fire (Paramedic Level) TeamSpeak
Paxton Paxton Fire (Basic) MedStar EMS(Paramedic Level)
Petersham Handled by Athol Fire (Paramedic Level)
Phillipston Handled by Phillipston EMS (?Level)
Princeton Handled by Princeton Fire (Paramedic Level)
Royalston Handled by Royalston Fire (?Level)
Rutland Handled by Rutland Fire (Paramedic Level)
Shrewsbury 155.7000
Worcester TRS
Worcester (UMass) EMS P6
Southborough 471.7250 R D065 Handled by Southborough Fire (Paramedic Level)
Southbridge 154.1450 123.0 Handled by Southbridge Fire (Intermediate Level/Charlton for medics) TeamSpeak
Spencer 33.0800 131.8 Handled by Spencer Rescue (Paramedic Level)
Sterling 155.2350
Handled by Sterling Fire (Paramedic Level)
Sturbridge 155.9400 74.4 Handled by Sturbridge Fire (Intermediate Level/Charlton for medics)
Sutton 154.8075 123.0 Alert (Paramedic Level)
Dispatched by Police
Templeton Handled by Templeton Fire (Basic Level)
Upton 153.9050 R 97.4 Handled by Upton EMS (Basic Level)
Uxbridge 33.8400 131.8 Handled by Uxbridge Fire (Paramedic Level) RR
Warren Handled by Warren Fire (Paramedic Level)
Webster 155.4000 R 100.0 Webster EMS (Paramedic Level)
TeamSpeak 2016.02.17 ecps92
West Boylston 33.9200
Handled by WB Fire (Paramedic Level)
West Brookfield 153.7850 179.9 Handled by West Brookfield Rescue Squad (Basic Level/Brookfields for Medics)
Westborough Handled by Westborough Fire (Paramedic Level)
Westminster Handled by Westminster Fire (Intermediate Level)
Winchendon Handled by Winchendon Fire (Paramedic Level)
Worcester Worcester TRS T Handled by UMass/Worcester EMS (Medic Level)

County Wide Information

As of Late July 2012 Worcester CMED is completing Narrowband conversion and at the same time changing PL Tones to 110.9 Hz

Agency Frequency/System Type Tone/TG ID Use/Notes Confirmation/ReConfirmations
CMED-Med 1 463.0000
D 186.2 Used for Mary Lane Hospital
Used for Marlborough Hospital
Amb-Hospital 4
CMED-MED 12 463.0125
D 110.9 Leominster Hospital 2013.10.12
CMED-Med 2 463.0250
D 186.2 Amb-Hospital 1
CMED-MED 22 463.0375
D 110.9 2016.10.12 ecps92
CMED-Med 3 463.0500
R 110.9 Athol Hospital 2016.10.20 ecps92
CMED-MED 32 463.0625
CMED-Med 4 463.0750
D 110.9 Call in Frequency 2012.07.20
CMED-MED 42 463.0875
CMED-Med 5 463.1000
D 186.2 Amb-Hospital 2
CMED-MED 52 463.1125
D 110.9 Marlboro Hospital 2012.10.12
CMED-Med 6 463.1250
D 186.2 SE County General
Mutual Aid Channel
Henry Heywood (Gardner)
CMED-MED 62 463.1375
D 110.9 UMass 2012.07.20
CMED-Med 7 463.1500
D 186.2 Amb-Hospital 3
MCI Mutual Aid Channel
CMED-MED 72 463.1625
D 110.9 Nashoba 2012.08.04
CMED-Med 8 463.1750
D 186.2 Worcester Area General
Mutual Aid Channel
Amb-Hospital 5
CMED-MED 82 463.1875
D 110.9
CMED-Med 9 462.9500 R 110.9 Worcester EMS Dispatch 2012.07.17
CMED-MED 92 462.9625
D 110.9 ?UMass EMS?
CMED-Med 10 462.9750 R 186.2 Statewide Med 10
Former Worcester EMS Tac-10 T/A
CMED-MED 102 462.9875 R  ? Statewide Med 102
MCI Channel
HEAR 155.3400 S CSQ Was Used by Smaller Community Hospitals now being phased out
UMass Lifeflight 155.1600 S 118.8 2014.07.18 N1BHH
AMR 159.3750 D311 911 and Back up to Several Areas
EasCare Ind.Comm Webster
Ind.Comm Upton
Ind.Comm Rutland
T TG 00656
TG 00560
TG 01040
Provides back up to Worcester
Pathways (Now Alert) Ind.Comm Webster
Ind.Comm Upton
Ind.Comm Rutland
T TG 01776
TG 00848
TG 00080
Provides 911 coverage to
several towns. See above.
K's Ambulance Ind.Comm Webster
Ind.Comm Rutland
T TG 02896
TG 00976
Non Emergency out of Oxford
Care Ind.Comm Webster
Ind.Comm Upton
T TG 04816
TG 02512
Private out of Marlborough
  • Worcester County uses a General CMED setup with ambulances transmitting on 468 and hospitals transmitting on 463. Patch Channels are assigned in the following order: 2, 5, 1, 7, 3. This allows both Worcester and Boston CMED to have three patch channels available at any given time without interference. Med 2, 3, and 5 are "incomplete repeaters".
  • 03 March 2007 - Worcester CMED channel assignment order is as follows: 2, 5, 7, 1, 8. Med 3 is a direct, repeated channel for Athol Memorial Hospital. Med 6 is a direct, repeated channel for Henry Heywood Hospital in Gardner. Ambulances do not need to contact Worcester CMED, they simply get on Med 3 or Med 6. Most towers have repeaters that can be activated for communications during intercepts. Not all towers have all channels available. As a rule, operators try not to leave the repeaters on, due to patient privacy concerns. -jknox7230